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Plural Component

We offer Epoxy, Polyurea, and MMA for everything from crosswalks to interstates. These durable products are fast drying and hold high reflectivity in wet or dry conditions.


Whether sprayed, extruded, inlaid, screed carted, or hot inlayed, the superior bonding characteristics of this product give outstanding durability.

Preformed Tape Products

Our preformed tape products are used for legend, crosswalk, stop bars, and long-line striping by surface.

Pavement Markers

We offer and install virtually all pavement markers, from snow plowable markers and taper cuts to surface applied plastics and ceramics, we have the equipment to meet your needs.

Surface Preparation and Prior Marking Removal

Whether it’s removal of paint, rubber, surface markings, cure compounds, or milled inlay markings, we can do it. We provide line grinding, steel shot blasting, water blasting, and wet or dry sand blasting. Our equipment operating pressures range from 12,000PSI to 50,000PSI. Removal method, speed, and pressure will vary based on your specific conditions.

Reflectivity Testing

All of our striping projects go through our high standard Reflectivity Testing to ensure that our work meets your quality standards on an hourly basis, analysis basis, and job basis. With our specialized equipment and trained staff, we can perform high quality testing of all highway marking products, bead placement, material thickness, and reflectivity.

Choosing how to mount a sign is essential for effective, long-lasting signage. Our engineers take terrain, local weather patterns, signage material properties, visibility needs, and other factors into consideration when making recommendations for sign support styles and materials that will be the most effective for your project specifications. Our sign designs and products are customized and durable.

  • Overhead – Single-arm structures
  • Bridge Structure – Spans entire roadway and can accommodate multiple signs
  • Butterfly
  • Cantilever – Designed with high-strength materials that allow for a long horizontal arm
  • U-Channel – Versatile posts often used for standard roadside signage
  • Multi-Post
  • Square Post – Galvanized steel posts with excellent stability and durability
  • Custom Brick, Steel, and Wood